First steroid cycle... It's not that difficult
First steroid cycle... It's not that difficult

First steroid cycle… It’s not that difficult

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In bold is the crucial information although i advise reading entire post

Due to the amount of people that have messaged me personally regarding first cycle advise or critique my first cycle after having read my ‘PCT… It’s not that difficult’ thread (linked at bottom of page) I thought i’d crank out another simple template to link to those asking me the same question over and over, a lot of the information will carry over from the thread i made on PCT but i’m trying to keep this thread exclusively the cycle part rather than PCT

feel free to post any questions or comments below but bare in mind this is my opinion on what i believe to be correct, just like the PCT thread i made i’m not claiming its gospel I am just advising on the knowledge I have accrued on the topic

hope this helps you guys out :thumb

OK so to start with you are going to want to have:

* Test enanthate, cypionate or sustanon 3 x 10ml vials (generally dosed 250 – 300mg per ml)

* HCG 3 x 5000iu vials

* Bacteriostatic water x 10ml

* Anastrazole 4 x 30 tablets (dosed at 1mg per tab)

* Tamoxifen 4 x 30 tablets (dosed at 20mg per tab)

* Blue base needle / 23g x 1.25″ x 100 (most sellers will dispatch in boxes of 100 and theyre cheap as chips)

* Green base needle / 21g x 1.5″ x 100

* Luer lock syringe barrel x 100

* Alcohol injection swabs x 100

OPTIONAL – * Femara 1 x 30 tablets (dosed at 2.5mg per tab)

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why 3 vials of testosterone and how should i dose it?
typically the first cycle advised to new steroid users is 10-12 weeks and personally i believe 10 weeks to be slightly too little and 12 weeks to use an uneven amount of test so that you will be leaving oil in a punctured vial for a prolonged period of time increasing the risk of contamination so if you do opt for the 12 weeks id probably consider chucking the remainder of test rather than using leftovers to start up your next cycle

i like to advise 15 weeks of medium release esters like test enth, cyp and sust as i find it’s around the week 14 mark that gains start to stagnate and given this is your first cycle and will likely yield the most dramatic results assuming diet, training and rest are on point you want to strike a balance between maximising your gains, minimising recovery and side effects

isnt that too much AI to have on hand, how much will i need on cycle? 
as a guide i advise you to take 0.5mg anastrazole ED and adjust as needed however you will want enough anastrazole to provide 1mg every day of your cycle from day one until the day you start PCT, will you require this amount? highly unlikely but there are exceptions

oestrogen control is the most individual need of a male using AAS, we can safely assume that 500 – 600mg of testosterone for a newer steroid user is ample however the percentage at which that testosterone aromatases we cannot predict

i for example need to take 1mg of anastrazole ED for anything over 500mg of testosterone, some guys this would completely crush their E2 but others require even more AI or sometimes the inclusion of a SERM

you basically need to trial and error your dosages ideally with blood work but its fairly easy to ‘feel out’ your required dose if you know the signs of both high and low oestrogen

the reason for having femara (letrozole) on hand is the same for any cycle, this is your silver bullet for gyno and oestrogen related side effects

if youre oestrogen is wildly out of control and you are developing puffy nipples letrozole will blast your E2 down low enough to stop majority of cases in their tracks, the chances of you requiring letrozole on 500mg of testosterone per week is slim to none but as i always say ‘it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it’

why anastrazole and not exemestane?
anyone who knows me on this site knows im a strong proponent of aromasin over arimidex for a whole host of reasons however for new steroid users who do not understand how their body responds to steroids and aromatase inhibitors it is a lot easier to rectify mistakes with anastrazole than it is exemestane

if you push your e2 too low with anastrazole you can rebound it back up fairly quickly and adjust as needed, with exemestane you get no such privilege and you can end up spending a long time waiting for your e2 to rise again which will have a negative impact on lipid profile, joint integrity, mental health, libido and overall gains

how do i mix and run my HCG? 
you want to pin 500iu twice weekly spaced apart by roughly 3 days, i usually opt for mondays and thursdays

my ratio for mixing i like to use is 1ml of bac water per 5000iu of HCG which results in 10 units (5 small lines on a 1ml insulin syringe) being 500iu of HCG

how and where do i inject my gear?

for a first cycle i recommend glutes only, a nice big muscle with decent circulation and low risk of hitting any nerve clusters

the twisting and turning can be a problem for some in which case id advise shooting quads but there is a slightly larger margin for error in regard to hitting nerve clusters and puncturing large veins

as a rough guide you want to imagine a cross separating your glute into 4 quadrants and you are injecting the upper outter quadrant
why do i need tamoxifen for on cycle, i thought i only need this for PCT?
tamoxifen will bind to the oestrogen receptor at the breast site and be your first plan of attack against uncontrollable gyno sides, much like keeping letrozole on hand you will first resort to tamoxifen if you are unable to control gyno symptoms on cycle on the maximum therapeutic dose of anastrazole

again it is highly unlikely that any of you will even require 1mg of anastrazole ED on just 500mg of test let alone need more than that in the way of SERM or stronger AI but as i mentioned above its always better to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it

as a brief guide to those highly sensitive to oestrogen

you run your 0.5mg of anastrazole ED on cycle, if you find you are suffering elevated E2 sides then you up the adex to 1mg ED, if are still suffering from early warning signs of gyno (itchy, puffy, sore, sensitive nipples, enlarged areola) then you add in tamoxifen at 20mg ED until symptoms subside, you can then choose to taper off the tamoxifen or stay at this dose and run it right through your cycle and PCT

the effect that tamoxifen has on IGF is largely blown out of proportion and its real world effect on gains is minimal

assuming you are some sort of EXTREMELY oestrogen prone individual and even the above is not sufficient you would then sub in letrozole in the following manner

the above thread is the silver bullet for gyno, the likelihood any of you will require this protocol for just 500 – 600mg of test per week is practically nil, i personally have never known anyone require such an aggressive protocol for a first cycle

should i use dianabol as a kickstart or should i front load my test?
neither, this is your first cycle and we want to keep things as simple as possible, that includes managing sides, if we start throwing in compounds like dianabol then adjusting AI and SERM dosing starts to become more complicated as not only do you need to find your dosing for each whilst on dianabol and testosterone but then you also need to readjust once you come off the dianabol

youve spent the last X amount of years building muscle on as little as 30-70mg of test per week, 500mg is more than enough for a first cycle with no bells and whistles

should i pin my test twice per week for stable bloods?
unnecessary on the medium chain esters, one 2ml shot per week will keep your levels stable

the only reason to consider pinning twice per week is injection practice but personally i do not advise it

here is your first cycle layout in an easier to digest layout

week 1-15

test e – 2ml / 500mg E7D
arimidex – 0.5mg ED
HCG – 1000iu (500iu E3D)